No sleep, thanks Mr Geller.

Last night something extraordinary happened, and I was left with the decision of whether  or not, this something, should be Blogged about.

Answer, after one sleepless night was, yes.

So extraordinary.


Jonny Geller liked my tweet.


You see, yesterday Curtis Brown reinstated the ‘infamous’ #PitchCB.  Tweeters were asked to pitch a book , in 140 characters or less, and if one of the agents from Curtis Brown likes this Tweet, you are granted permission to submit, directly to this agent.

Jonny Geller liked my Tweet.

Last night I tossed and turned. You see my excitement, was not well received. As I took deep breaths, and tried to slowly articulate things for my husband and son, they were disappointed by my revelation.

“So, your books getting published?”

“Hey! Woah there, slow down… No one said that.”

“It’s not then. So whats with the excitement – what the hell does Tweet mean?”

“It means, Jonny Geller will give my work a read.”

“Who’s Jonny Geller?”

Men are visual, so I offered my husband this-


“O.k. But your not getting published?”

“No. Not at the moment.”

A sleepless night later, and here I am Blogging, briefly, just to get this off my chest, so I can do the real writing.

So I can go back to my book, a bit calmed. Because of sharing.

That’s the point isn’t it – of writing. To share, feel better, be better. Grow.

I am in the 25per cent of people who write, not as a hobby, but because I am compelled to, and I am only able to function well, when all the characters, words, scenes, which try and catch me, as I ride my bike to work, which demand my attention, which bang on my chest, saying -‘Listen to this, it’s important!’- have been heard.


Wish me luck.



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